30/30 Squat Challenge

Sitting is the DEVIL!!!

Inspired by the work of Ido Portal and the fact that most of us sit all day, Mettle Fitness presents the 30/30 Squat Challenge!  Daily life has cost most of us all of our functional mobility.  Standing, Lying then Squatting, the three most basic and useful human positions. Yet, we have replaced squatting with mobility killing sitting!!

“The squat is not just a movement or a tool for getting stronger. It is a RESTING POSITION.
It means: when I get tired from standing – I squat and not vice versa.
The squat has benefits for digestion, mobility, strength development and movement capacity and can also lead to a lot of freedom – low gate work, exploration, play.” Ido Portal

The 30/30 Squat Challenge is simple: for the next 30 Days (start anytime between NOW and February 1st) spend 30 minutes a day in a deep “Ass to Grass”, relaxed spine, flat footed Squat.  Set a timer, watch or mobile device for 30 min and start it every time you go down into the Squat. Pause it when you come up but continue to tick off minutes from the total throughout day. Every time you answer your phone – Squat. Watching Scandal – Squat, checking email – Squat. Do it often! For a minute or a few seconds, just make sure you accumulate a total of 30 minutes in the Squat position before your day ends.

Do it for 30 consecutive days.

You can thank us in a month!!!


Mettle Fitness

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