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Met.tle /'metl/: A person's ability to thrive during difficult times or to face demanding situations in a spirited and resourceful way.

Mettle Fitness – The Home of Bronzeville CrossFit is the premier gym in Chicago. Located in what was once the historic Washington Park YMCA at 5000 S Indiana, our Chicago gym includes access to a full basketball court, 25-meter pool, men’s and women’s locker-rooms with individual showers and a 50 spot parking lot.  Our training methods produce tangible, undisputed results for all levels of fitness and all ages from children to elite athletes to elders. We are a group of like-minded individuals with the goal of developing our Mettle through total fitness. We challenge the mind, body and spirit on a daily basis through demanding workouts that develop the whole person. We train hard and we have fun. We use the power of community, teamwork and positive competition for motivation, encouragement and accountability.

Although we are for anyone, we are not for everyone. We are for those who truly desire to maximize their fullest potential and to live the best life imaginable. From your very first workout we safely build the foundation of movement skills, scaling workouts to your current fitness level. We slowly progress you from body-weight movements to weighted movements. Then, using constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement, we push you to your mental and physical limit where you will find the freedom that comes from knowing there are no mountains you can’t climb. We are the fitness leaders in our community, passionate coaches and fellow athletes committed to your success with the goal of helping you to be at your very best when your best is needed both in sport and in life. Our service standards are what help us to stand apart from the rest of our industry. And we are always searching for ways to make your experience better, and always will.


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