Real Food Challenge Day 7

Real Food Challenge Day 7

It’s been a full week, how time flies! How are you feeling? Whatever you may be feeling remember to be patient and stick with it! We are undoing years of bad eating habits. We can’t really expect it all to happen in a week when those habits have been years in the making, can we?!  But, if you stay with it you WILL begin to feel the difference. Better sleep, more energy, clearer thinking. These are just a few of the changes you’ll notice before it’s over. Your workouts will begin to take on a new intensity. Your clothes will begin to fit better as your body composition changes.  You’ll wake up ready to go instead of needing a pot of coffee to jump start your engines! You’ll actually begin to notice the REAL taste of food, not the processed sugar and salt laden junk that overstimulates our taste buds. You will begin to enjoy the natural taste of real food and look forward to eating them. And you may actually be learning to cook to boot!

Next it bears repeating part of the first email I sent out beginning the challenge:

  1st, though this may be difficult  IT’S NOT HARD!!! Drug addictions are hard to overcome, broken hearts are hard to get over but changing how you eat for only 30 days IS NOT HARD! Just do it! No whining, no complaining, NO EXCUSES!

2nd, we’ll be eliminating a lot of starches and some other things you believe you need and therefore some will call this a low carb plan. SORRY! This is a low STARCH plan. It will be low carb only if you don’t eat enough veggies. Vegetables are the key. You can’t eat enough of them.

Next, as you go through the 30 days, don’t even consider slipping. You can do ANYTHING for 30 days. Especially if it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever!

Finally, while I said IT’S NOT HARD it will take some effort. You will have to be willing to plan meals and give some thought about how you will get through the day. But, once you get into a rhythm, it will be normal and quite easy to manage.


The bottom line is YOU CAN DO THIS!!  Don’t waste your time thinking about what you’re missing. Instead, think about all the things you’re gaining! Better health, better body composition, a better appreciation for food and the myriad of tastes you didn’t notice before. More energy, better sleep, cooking skills, better workouts, and the list goes on! Stay with it and always remember to FINISH STRONG and DON’T FLINCH!!!